About Zambia


Zambia is a country that is located in the Southern African Sub-region, it is a land-linked country bordered by the DR Congo, Tanzania, Angola, Namibia, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Botswana. The mean altitude rises about 1200 meters above sea level and the country is situated between latitude 8 and 18 degrees east and longitude 22 and 34 degrees south.

Capital City:

Lusaka Land Surface: 752,614 Km2


Zambia’s geographical position and high altitude provides the country with sub-tropical vegetation and climatic conditions. There are three distinct seasons: A warm-wet season (November to April) A cool dry season (May to August) A hot dry season (September to October)


15.72 million people, 39% living in urban areas (CSO, 2010). The annual population growth rate is 2.8%, with a population density of 17.3 persons per square kilometer.


24 October 1964 (from the United Kingdom)

Adult Literacy Rate: 68 %

Spoken Languages:

English (official language), other main vernacular languages are Lozi, Bemba, Luvale Kaonde, Lunda, Nyanja and Tonga. There are a total of about 72 indigenous languages and dialects throughout Zambia


Christianity comprises the largest faith group. Minority faith groups are Muslims and Hindus. The republican constitution recognises Zambia as a Christian Nation

Natural Resources:

Copper, uranium, cobalt, coal, emeralds, gold, manganese, nickel, water, wildlife, forestry and hydropowerCurrency:

Time Zone: Business Hours:

The time Zone in Zambia is Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) +2 hours. Business hours for government and private sector offices are from 08:00 – 13:00 hours and 14:00-17:00 hours between Monday and Friday.


Zambian Kwacha (ZMW) 100Ngwee = 1 ZMW


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