Michael Chilufya Sata: The Colossus shall forever be in our hearts for generations

The cold hand of death robbed from our midst he who was our leader, President and man of the people – the late President Michael Chilufya Sata.

It is both difficult and impossible to capture the essence of such a life as that of President Michael Chilufya Sata in any number of words and conceptualization. To seek to describe him in full is therefore an exercise in futility. All we can do is continue to share the many facets that made him the great father, husband, leader, friend that he was.

On his 2nd anniversary, let me share some of the attributes that immediately come to mind when one thinks of our departed hero. Those of us who are his disciples can testify that Batata ba Sata was a great forgiver and very humble at heart,” President Lungu said.

“These attributes include his discipline in thought and in action, highly principled, commitment to nationalism and internationalism, non-racialism and non-sexism…his dedication to a just and equitable society, his fearlessness and foresight, a humble servant, an empowering leader and democrat, with integrity of heart. President Sata also had the ability to give and also take advice and draw strength from others.”

“Though tough, he was also an exceptionally good listener with the capacity to listen to all points of views before he could take any critical decision. He was a dedicated husband good father. A good family man.”

The late President will remain a constant reminder, not of what Zambia is, but of what Zambia should become – a Zambia committed to pushing back the frontiers of poverty, illiteracy, disease, gender discrimination and one that creates a better life for all.

He remains a symbol of what a prosperous, free and democratic Zambia should be like through his legacy of selflessness, humility and supreme love for this country and its people, all informed by his strong Catholic teachings.

For the PF, Batata ba Sata is still and will always be our pride. He was the glue that held PF through the many highs and lows. Indeed if PF was a broad church, Batata ba Sata became a capable priest to all the strands – as if to confirm the Priest that he wanted to become.

“While he showed us his love as demonstrated by his favourite hymn Tutemwane Bane Bonse (let us love each other), he was also a strong and no nonsense leader who believed in discipline. He never abrogated his duty to ensure there was order whether as Governor under the UNIP regime, Minister under the MMD Government, or as leader of the PF. When time came for chastisement, he made it a point that the rod was not spared.”

President Sata was sold out to the nation in his quest for a better Zambia. He was determined to leave the land of his ancestors a better place than he found it. Today, Zambia qualifies to be referred to as a construction site, all because of his conviction that we must deal with our country’s infrastructure deficit, if we are to exploit our geographical positioning as a land-linked country and become the region’s most-preferred investment destination.

“Launching the ambitious Link Zambia 8000, hospitals, universities, roads and schools, he knew that it would not be any easy road, but his resolve was to see change.”

“In building on the vision, my administration will ensure we aggressively deal with the country’s infrastructure deficit, diversify the economy and create a better life for all our people – youth, men and women. This is one of the ways in which we hope to sustain his legacy. We shall continue to honour the life and memory of this great man as we continue to expand the PF as a grassroots movement dedicated to the cause of the indigent of our society. He left us with the example that the poor and weak amongst us deserved the attention of those with the means. He left us a good example.”


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