Placement of Zambians in International Organisations

The Zambian Government is looking for suitable professional Zambians in the Diaspora to vie for vacant positions in International Organisations.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary Ambassador Chalwe Lombe has requested Missions to reach out to all Zambian Associations in their country of accreditation with a view to identifying professionals suitable for the positions which periodically fall vacant in all International organisations to which Zambia is a state party.
Ambassador Chalwe said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will disseminate information on upcoming vacancies in International organisations. The information will include parameters such as Job descriptions, conditions and Remunerations.
“You will recall that the placement of Zambians professional in international organisations falls within the Ministry’s mandate and notably through the Diaspora Policy which is now at implementation stage. Therefore, the Ministry aims to create an updated database of eligible candidates in various professional categories and at the same time create a mechanism for the timely submission of applications and where necessary, offer appropriate support to the application,” he said.

Interested people should send their qualifications, contact details, email and employment status to or call the Mission on 02075896655.

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