President Lungu Commissions ZAF modern hangar and hospital outpatient project

His Excellency Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu, President of the Republic of Zambia says, any Nation that aspires to foster development and improve the lives of its citizens does so, on the basis of good Roads, Hospitals, Schools, Bridges and Airports saying that is why the PF Government is investing massively in infrastructure development.
The President was speaking during the commissioning of the ZAF modern hangar and hospital outpatient project in Lusaka on Friday, 29th July, 2016.
In 2011, when the PF Government came into power, it resolved to prioritise infrastructure development. This is why you see vigorous infrastructure development across the country. This decision was made against a backdrop that there can be no sustainable development without a strong foundation of infrastructure. We clearly set out our goals which are realistic and achievable to make Zambia a better place for all. Today, I believe the Zambian people have taken stock of our achievements.
We are humbled to know that the Zambian people are able to see and point at the various projects that we had promised to deliver and have since delivered. My government will continue to pursue infrastructure development. Infrastructure will not only transform the general outlook of our nation. But it will also significantly contribute to the country’s socio economic outlook. With infrastructure, we are guaranteed of jobs, farmers are assured of transporting their produce to markets, and mobility of our people among others, is also guaranteed.
It is gratifying that the journey that we embarked on in 2011, of infrastructure development, including several other programmes has yielded incredible results. Today, I am equally delighted that ZAF is moving in line with government’s national development agenda. the new Zambia Air Force Lusaka air base hangar which I officially opened earlier is commendable. The new infrastructure is meant to improve the institution’s operations. The hangar will increase the storage and maintenance capacity at the air base.
As you are aware, my Government is implementing a broad spectrum of infrastructure and the ZAF project is one of them. It is a clear demonstration of my Government’s continued unwavering commitment to developing and moderninsing infrastructure in the country. In the last few years of our mandate, significant efforts have been made to improve the quality of our health services. This is especially in areas of infrastructure development, disease control and reduction in maternal and child deaths. As a result of the massive infrastructure developments in the health sector, our country’s fully-fledged tertiary level hospitals are fully equipped with modern diagnostic equipment needed to handle complicated cases.
Currently, some complicated medical conditions are being treated locally, thus, saving precious lives and our country’s hard-earned foreign exchange. This is also complemented by a huge investment in the training of medical personnel to adequately man our health facilities throughout the country.
Your caring Government has also endeavored to ensure there is at least one medical facility within a radius of five (05) kilometres in both urban and rural areas. We can attest to the fact that there is reasonable presence of district hospitals across the country. So far a total of thirty-nine (39) district hospitals have been constructed of which five (5) are already operational. Equally critical is that we have constructed a total of two hundred and sixty-six (266) health posts. I am happy to note that one hundred and seventy (170) have so far been operationalised and are already serving local communities.
As your Commander-In- Chief, I am extremely delighted at the hospital project which fits in well with my government’s plans to ensure quality health care is easily accessed and affordable by all our citizens. With the construction of this hospital, the ZAF men and women in uniform and their families will now be able to access quality health care services. I am aware that the building I am commissioning today is only the first phase of this important project. it is the first of its kind in the Zambia Air Force. Phase one will include among other facilities, the out-patient department (OPD) with one administration ward, an administration department, a registry and a pharmacy. In subsequent phases, it is envisaged that the fully-fledged 220 bed capacity ZAF hospital will have all the relevant departments. These will include an operating theatre, laboratories, intensive care unit, male and female wards, surgical ward, paediatrics, maternity ward and an isolation ward. The hospital will also comprise other facilities such as patient’s kitchen, laundry room, mother-to child department and a chapel.
Once again, let me commend you for placing a premium on the health of your personnel and their families. As government we shall continue to render the necessary support as you embark on the next phase of the ZAF hospital project.
I thank you and God bless you all!

Friday 29th July, 2016

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