IT is with considerable regret and profound sorrow that State House announces the death of former Health Minister Dr Joseph Kasonde who died yesterday in Lusaka after a long battle with liver cancer.
Dr Kasonde was a fine man; a very hardworking with an extraordinary commitment to detail; he was a perfectionist; in his circles and especially the medical field, he was simply one of Zambia’s best. In politics too, he remained a decent man of extraordinary grace in his interactions with people from different fields.
The President therefore sends his heartfelt condolences to Mrs Kasonde and Family on the passing of the great son of Zambia. The President wishes the bereaved family God’s grace during the funeral and life without their pillar of the family.
“What remains of us who worked with him is the opportunity to learn from his achievements and great sense of patriotism and commitment to duty.”
“He definitely represented that fine generation of men and women who we can proudly say they fully grasped the meaning of nationhood and their inescapable duty to promote those values that speak to the broadest interests of greatest majority of our people.”
“Ultimately, this is the example he and others of his generation have left us to learn from.”
LUSAKA, 26.08.2017, AMOS CHANDA, Presidential spokesperson

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