Zambia: A Giant Awakes- the Daily Telegraph UK

One of the United Kingdom’s influential and wide-read Newspaper The Daily Telegraph on Wednesday 28th February 2018 contained in its news print in the Business pull out a special feature on Zambia entitled “A Giant Awakes” with an exclusive interview on His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

The supplement covers an array of topics and interviews with various decision makers in key Ministries, the private sector, the Bank of Zambia and the Industrial Development Cooperation (IDC). In addition to the mainstream areas of investment, the publication celebrates Zambia’s rich cultural heritage and its unity in diversity.

On Zambia- UK trade relations, President Lungu, during the interview stated that British investment needed to focus on sectors that have the greatest potential to improve lives of Zambians and help in diversification. The President added that agriculture was a salient example of what the UK finance group, the Commonwealth Development Cooperation (CDC) was doing in Zambia through its partnership with Zambeef in the agri-business.

Even though the objective of the publication was to showcase Zambia’s business opportunities, many readers see it as a pool of information that gives a synopsis of what the country is like and what it offers to investors and visitors.

And Business Council for Africa and Invest Africa (IA-BCA) Chief Executive officer Karen Taylor said that the supplement was a good source of information and a great value to its membership who are always looking for potential areas to invest.

“We have always found the Zambian Government to be accessible and open for business and we are delighted to see the renewed energy and confidence in their activities, promoting business and investment opportunities in Zambia,” said Karen Taylor.

The Business Council for Africa and Invest Africa (IA-BCA) has interacted with Zambia through the High Commission for a number of years, hosting various Government Ministers and business events.

Meanwhile High Commissioner for Zambia to the United Kingdom Mr. Muyeba Chikonde said that even though the main objective of the project was to highlight Zambia’s potential as a preferred investment destination, the essence lies in Zambia telling its own story.

“It is good when others tell your story but it is best when you tell your own story. Many a times we are told how beautiful our country is and but as Zambians, we seem not to be singing loud enough about it,” he said.

The aim of the publication in The Daily Telegraph was to enhance bi-lateral relations between Zambia and UK. Since last year, Zambia has seen high profile visits by UK government officials and private sector organisations.

In October 2017, former UK Minister for Africa Rory Stewart visited Zambia to see how the UK was supporting growth in Zambia and working towards shared prosperity for both countries.

During his visit, minister Stewart held meetings with President Edgar Lungu, the Minster for Foreign Affairs, local government officials in Mumbwa and the international community.

Last month, UK Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy to Zambia, charged with the reasonability of increasing trade and economic cooperation between Zambia and the United Kingdom, Baroness Lindsay Patricia Northover visited Zambia from 9th February to 13th February 2018.

During the visit, Baroness Northover held high-level ministerial meetings with the Minister of Finance, Minister of Commerce Trade and Industry, Minister of Agriculture, Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Development, Governor of the Bank of Zambia to explore opportunities for trade and investment between Zambia and the United Kingdom.

During the same time, Scottish International Development Minister Dr. Alasdair Allan also Zambia from 9th to 13 February, to discuss how Scotland and Zambia can collaborate in areas like global health, in pursuit of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Further, Baroness Lynda Chalker, Founder and President of Africa Matters Limited visited Zambia from 12th February to 14th February 2018 to engage with Government officials and business executives to have on the ground appreciation of the economic situation and investment opportunities in Zambia.

Issued by: Abigail Chaponda (Mrs.) First Secretary | Press and Public Relations, Zambia High Commission in the United Kingdom.

LONDON, Wednesday, 28th February 2018


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