Zambia – the ultimate safari destination

Founder and Managing Director of Wildlife Worldwide, the UK’s leading operator to Zambia, Chris Breen has said Zambia is the Ultimate safari destination.

During the Natural Travel collection and Zambia Tourism client evening held at the Zambia High Commission last week where Wildlife Worldwide was giving an insight to consumers on the various travel packages that are available for Zambia as well as the multi declinational packages, Mr. Breen said Zambia has the best holiday destinations in Africa.

“Zambia has the best holiday destination in Africa because of the many tourists’ attractions that are there. Zambia has got the best wildlife, friendly people, diverse culture and the natural attractions. Zambia’s wildlife is second to none,” he said.

He said Zambia makes wonderful Safari holiday destinations due to the variety of the natural attractions, rivers, lakes, waterfalls and wildlife that the country has.

Mr. Breen said Zambia has a name for the best game- viewing guides in Africa, because of its unique ‘walking safari’ and urged people to make Zambia their holiday destination.

“And the great Luangwa Valley – where should I begin? Should I tell you about the grazing lawns between the Luangwa River and its oxbow lagoons that support a great population of small and medium-sized antelope, and in turn the most visible population of leopards in Africa? Or would you like to hear about beautiful bush camps that can only sleep six to eight people? No, then maybe it’s the night-time safaris to look for owls, civets, genets, mongooses and, of course, hunting predators to which I should be introducing you, or the classic walking safaris for which the Luangwa is famous… Or perhaps you should just go there and see for yourself why, in my view, this is the best safari destination in Africa,” he said.

And First Secretary-Tourism Mr. Donald Pelekamoyo said building on the current partnership between Zambia Tourism and Wildlife Worldwide the Discover Wildlife event provided a platform to engage clients and promote Zambia.

He said it was an excellent opportunity to work together and strengthen the partnership.

“The event proved to be an inexpensive way of reaching out to various consumers who would normally travel to other competing destinations. The hosting of the event at the High Commission in London further provided identity to the destination and the presentation was enhanced with a generic video clip on Zambia which was very well received,” he said.

Discover Wildlife’ is a series of themed evening events held in key towns and cities across the UK from September to March each year. The evenings feature inspirational presentations from wildlife experts. To date over 1,500 Wildlife Worldwide clients have attended these events, with an average of 40 clients signing up to attend each evening.

The Mission’s objectives to host the client evening was to market Wildlife holidays in Zambia, targeting Wildlife Worldwide and Travelling Naturalist clients who have not yet travelled to Zambia, provide inspirational wildlife and birdwatching holiday ideas, introduce new destinations and trip ideas to existing clients.

Issued by: Abigail Chaponda (Mrs.) First Secretary | Press and Public Relations Zambia High Commission in the United Kingdom

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