Zambians have the power to create the Zambia of their own dreams

Zambia’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom His Excellency Lt. Gen Paul Mihova has said Zambians in the Diaspora need to make a difference and invest back in their country.

And High Commissioner Mihova has said Zambians have the power to create the Zambia of their own dreams if they start building their own economy through strengthening local entrepreneurs.

Meanwhile, Zambian Together Chairman Mr. Elias Phiri has called on the Diaspora to be united and help contribute to the development of Zambia by investing back in the country.

Speaking after a Virtual Town Hall meeting on Immigration and Dual Nationality organized by Zambians Together in partnership with the Zambian High Commission in London and officiated by Ministry of Home Affairs Chief Passport Citizenship Officer Mr. Alick Mvula and First Secretary Immigration Mr. Alice Shanshima, High Commissioner Mihova said Zambians in the Diaspora should take advantage of dual nationality to invest back in Zambia.

“I am calling on my brothers and sisters in the Diaspora to invest back in your own country. It is homegrown investment solutions that would deliver sustainable socio-economic development for Zambia. I wish to reiterate my call to my fellow Zambians in the Diaspora to make a difference and invest back in Zambia,” he said.

High Commissioner Mihova said Zambia will only be developed by Zambians regardless of where they reside, adding that there was need to start looking inward for home grown investment solutions to support diversification of the economy.

The High Commissioner said he believed Zambia can achieve a lot if all entrepreneurs had good and strong businesses.

He noted the remarkable innovation among young Zambian entrepreneurs and the great opportunities in the country.

High Commissioner Mihova said people in the Diaspora could take advantage and bridge the gap that exists in terms of resources to help the young entrepreneurs.

“Remember, it is not about where you are located; it is about attitude. Let us change our mindset about how we think about our country. We need people who are going to talk good things about Zambia. Government is going to support any meaningful good entrepreneur or business partners that are going to bring about development in Zambia,” he said.

And during the Virtual meeting, High Commissioner Mihova acknowledged the initiative by Zambians Together and commended the organization’s good works aimed at helping fellow Zambians in the UK who were affected by COVID-19.

Meanwhile, Mr. Phiri said Zambians in the Diaspora can achieve a lot if they stand united and promote Zambia positively to the outside world.

He also called on Zambians in the United Kingdom to take time to register with the Mission.

Zambians Together is a collaborative initiative working closely together with the Zambia High Commission and various Zambian Community Associations and Networks across the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland) and the Republic of Ireland. Zambians Together is a non-profit organization set up as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic to help provide a one-stop-shop for the UK and Ireland Zambian community to communicate, collaborate, donate, raise awareness and unite with the
purpose of providing the help and support that the Zambian community requires during the Covid-19 pandemic and to continue with the initiative post-COVID-19.

LONDON, Monday, 29th June 2020- Issued by Abigail Chaponda (Mrs.), First Secretary | Press and Public Relations, Zambia High Commission in the United Kingdom.

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