Zambia’s First Lady urges global players to tackle nutrition

Zambia’s First Lady Mrs. Esther Lungu has urges global players to tackle nutrition in all its forms.
Mrs. Lungu also called for broadening alliances of supporters from all walks of life, school children, teachers, farmers, private sector, doctors, nutritionists, food producers and consumers, civil society, researchers and philanthropists.
And Vice President for Human Development at the World Bank Group Keith Hansen acknowledged Zambia’s high level presentation by the First Lady Madam Esther Lungu at the UN Side Event on the UN Decade of Action on Nutrition. The Group is working with Zambia’s Ministry of Finance on funding the country led Nutrition Program.
Speaking at the same event, Deputy Director at UNICEF Maria Calivis also underscored the importance of nutrition for adolescents and infants to improve maternal health and enhance education performance among girls.

Issued by: Thomas Nsama, State House Presidential Photographer

20th September, 2016

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